Teacher Stephen says:

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I am from England (London) and have taught only English all of my life.

I graduated from the University of Exeter, followed by training with the University of Cambridge CELTA program. Following which, I taught IELTS and some TOEFL for 10 years. Afterwards, I completed my masters degree in Teaching English at my university in the UK.

I spend a lot of time understanding languages so that I can learn secret techniques to improve your IELTS skills. This is why my classes are so secret because so much time is spent preparing them.

I have taught at: The University of Tokyo in Japan, National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and at the University of Exeter in the UK.

I value my students doing well and set homework that is applicable to their needs. Each class is different and you are always the first person considered. My students always do well when they follow my classes.

I help students apply for studying abroad, too. If you need help, my students always enter the best schools. Try for more help.

My classes are professional and I really want to see your improvements!

Most of my students gain 6.5 or over in speaking and writing at a rapid speed and two students reached 8.5 in both speaking and writing last year and two 8 for this year.  I can help every student because I understand what is required.

As well as degrees, I also hold diplomas. I feel that studying is very important and I always encourage others to fulfill their dream to go abroad.

If you are interested in improving your IELTS grades, PLEASE choose me because I am interested in helping you.
If you need a class, click on contact and let me try to help you.

What students' say:

Ricky (Taiwan -ACADEMIC IELTS) says:

"I have been to cram school for over 6-months and took the IELTS exam 4 times.  I still could not get over 5.5 in my writing. Thank you Teacher Stephen for helping me to gain 7 in just under 2-months."​


Luke (Australia) for GENERAL IELTS says:

"Thank you for all your materials on general reading and writing, most schools do not have a lot of material.  You helped me to pass the IELTS."

Phil (Taiwan) for TOEFL says:

"Stephen, you helped me with TOEFL and IELTS.  I know that you know everything about the English exams!"


Anonymous (Taiwan)​

"You helped me to write the scholarship letter and prepare me for the interview. I got the scholarship and passed the IELTS. Thank you, Teacher.  You are my good friend".

Koko (Vietnam - Academic IELTS)

"You improved my listening.  You gave me special material and now I am in the UK. Thank you!"

Rupert (Hong Kong - Oxford University)

"I am now in Oxford. Before I was told I could not go here. Thank you for your help with IELTS and choosing my university."

Pedro (Spain - General IELTS)
"My writing is much better. I now have band 8!  Thank you for your 4 classes and the homework."



The IELTSking Intensive Program is:

- weekly 1 to 1/2/3  IELTS classes.
- writing predictions marked before classes.
- speaking predictions provided.
- secret speaking help provided to improve band score by over 1.
- secret writing help provided to improve to band 7-8.
- listening training providing with secret techniques.
- homework given.
- professional classes.

If you require only writing or only speaking help, this is fine

IELTSking Class - Speaking

- Gain ALL the predictions!
- Have the same speaking questions from the tests.
- Learn how to answer the speaking questions naturally, fluently, and with high accuracy.
- Be confident in the exams.
- Learn phrases that work and are tailored to your own speaking
- Have IELTS speaking help on the SAME DAY as your speaking exam!
IELTSking Class - Writing

- Gain MORE predictions for writing tasks.
- Gain writing task 1 help and predictions.
- Improve your writing to suit YOUR writing style.
- Learn specialist writing only for 1 to 1 classes.
- Understand what your specific writing problems are.
- Get writing work checked before each class.
- Be provided with high quality records of classes.
- No time wasting! You will be prepared only for writing that appears in the exam.  I do not waste your time.

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IELTSking Class - Listening

- Learn the same answers from the actual exams.
- Have actual listening tests in class using NEW secret techniques to pass.
- Listening exam preparation - gain listening PREDICTIONS to increase chances of increased grades by more than 50%.
- New material and homework provided.
- Materials provided to suit YOUR LEVEL of listening.
- Learn to pass quickly and with the most professional guidance.
IELTSking Class - Grammar
Some people have basic writing that requires grammar help.  A grammar course is provided for this!
- Grammar material provided.
- Material is only for your personal problems.
- No time wasting material provided.
- Professional help.
- For writing task 1 and 2.
IELTSking Class - Reading

- Expert help on True/False/Not Given.
- Additional preparation materials designed for general reading.
- Additional materials for academic reading provided.
- Specialist homework and teaching provided.
​SOP/ University
Have you completed the IELTS?

Many pre-sessional courses use a general book that is not specific to your course.  I provide materials that are only specific to your university course and do not waste your time in preparing.

My classes are the highest quality.

Do you need help preparing for university writing?
Teacher Stephen Charles provides this for:
Business - Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, MBA, and Accounting.
Engineering and Mathematics - Inc risk management.
TESOL - All programs.
Other programs - please ask!

IELTSking Class - University Entrance

Go to for more information on how to enter university with my specialist help!

We advise and help with CV/RESUME and SOP revision.
Our students have entered top universities including:

Cambridge, Imperial and UCL in the UK.

UCLA, Harvard and other IVY league universities in the USA.


If you require classes, please write to Teacher Stephen at